Odd Woman Out

Birth and Childhood: Kuwait | Roots: Malayali | College and Work: Delhi and US | Friends: Many | Family: Five | Siblings: Two | Love: One | Life in General: Beautiful

Hi — I am Preethi. To read the story of my life, you will simply have to wait for the paperback. But until then, read this, if you must REALLY know.

If given a choice, I wouldn’t budge from a hammock in a grassy meadow, where I would lie dreaming. Having said that, I have never used a hammock. I believe that Life is Beautiful. And I try to look for surreal signs to prove that. I go to the church and come out admiring the beauty of the flowers arranged at the altar. I trace raindrops dripping down a windowpane and sigh happily. I lick on orange-flavored ice candies and wish they would never end. I buy roadside junk jewelry and allow them to gather dust in my cupboard. I cry when I hear some songs. I laugh when I watch people. I dig Malayalam movies for their sheer simplicity and directness (If you disagree on this point, we have a movie date to set up). I am selfish about my solitude on Saturday afternoons. Yet, I yearn for people to be around me, at all times. My music ranges from head-banging Metal to mushy ballads, ghazals to oldies—anything that sounds nice to my ears. I read. I try to write. I sing. I play. I travel. I wander. I meander. I succeed. I fail. I judge. I am judged. I hope. I pray. I exist. And above all, I Live.


6 responses to “Odd Woman Out

  1. Achinthya

    U love and u r loved.


  2. mashithand

    achinthya aka uma?

  3. ani

    great blog …..great writing ….
    the point though that forced me to write this comment is the one about Malayalam movies ….cudn’t agree more to it ….u got it dead right ….

    keep writing ….


  4. Beautiful description. And so apt. :)

  5. Nisha Rachel Robins

    Loved your musings.. Made me nostalgic, a tad wistful perhaps but gladdened my heart nevertheless..

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