Love Note

We sat in the bus stop. We weren’t waiting for any bus in particular. It seemed like a nice place to sit. That was it. He was animatedly talking about something that happened during his training days. I was half listening and was silently hoping that this moment would never end. I don’t remember what our conversation was like. What I do remember is this: He was wearing a warm jacket with a nice hood to cover his head. He never used it, though. The collar was pulled up like a rebellious teen. His shiny hair tumbled from the parting on the right side. The intriguing scar on his left cheek captured shadows from the winter sun. His playful eyes were in the throes of making a really interesting conversation. Narrating an incident that took place long back…

It was cold and I slipped my hands into his pocket, cursing ladies sweaters without pockets. What use are those? We linked our fingers and stood in the bus stop. With me listening to his incessant chatter. It normally is the other way round. I talk he listens. His warm hands held mine just like they used to, ever since I can remember. The gap of years between us never stopped us from being close friends. It was a friendship that sprung and flourished with time. It is a friendship I wouldn’t trade for anything else in this world.

I must be exceptionally lucky to have a brother like him. People often say that it’s a pity we can’t choose our family. I beg to differ.

I love you, Chettan. I cherish you.



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19 responses to “Love Note

  1. I actually happened to glance at the “brother” word before I started reading.. else I’d have been fooled.. :p

  2. LOL… Aah… words!:o)

  3. saj

    first I thought you are talking about someone else lol… hmmm Lucky u to have such a wonderful bro

  4. Hmm… Think pure, SaJohn!;o)

  5. Leena

    So beautiful….its true u know though….even tho people say that we can never choose our family and stuff more than often we do end up with a family whom we would never trade for no force in the world.Must say can definitely understand what you feel…got 2 bros afterall who mean the world….!!

  6. hmm.. a strong paradigm shift :-))

  7. Dear Jithu!The piece wasnt meant to misguide anyone! On reading it the second time, it has a ‘estha-rahel’ touch to it, and thats making me uneasy. But what is written is written!:o)Saw your blogs. I love the Malayalam one. I am yet to read the English one. Come again!

  8. Dear LeAn..Rakhi is coming up. This must have flowed out just in time, eh? I have sent this piece across to my Chettan. Let’s see how he takes it!

  9. Jo

    Just came to your blog through the Kerala blogroll. Never knew there are lots of mallus in the blogosphere. Nice stuff you have here. Keep posting…

  10. The story does switch, but it’s revealing about making assumptions.I actually got a little teary from this one. So sweet.

  11. Dear Jo!Thanks for stopping by! This is like a ‘thattukada’. Sip some tea/coffee and breeze through the tales I weave. Hope it was a nice experience!

  12. Dearest homeless thoughts…Wonderful to see you back in here. Was beginning to miss ya. Will write in soon.Love.

  13. Hi….May b u shud get ur hands to the latest ad doing its round as a forward…… a cute one…. an ad which goes well with this post…… “Brotherly Love”…..

  14. :o)Which ad is this, Arun?

  15. Actually someone has made a clip out of an ad aired on Star TV…… and the clip does not contain the company for which the ad is made….. my guess is that its a washing powder/detergent ad…..It made its round in our office y’day… it’ll reach u soon… the speed with which forwards spread to different parts of the world is amazing……

  16. Anonymous

    most beautiful!

  17. This is ‘The Best’ entry in your blog.

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