Helen Miss and Music

When I was 4 years old and in Kinder Garten, I had a Helen Miss who used to be our Music Teacher. She played that lovely piano in the music room where there were tiny chairs lined up against the wall. We kids would fight for the spot right next to the piano. Sitting there, you can watch Helen Miss play, feel the piano’s reverberation, sing along – it was the best spot in that whole damn room. She was Goan. And among the many many songs she taught, I remember “Gimme Oil In My Lamp Keep It Burning Burning Burning” the most. Until today.
Today, in the shower, I caught myself humming a song of  which I only knew the first line. Helen Miss and her smile and the piano keys and her songs. I was 4 again. Talk about blast from the past.
What song was it, you ask?
“O Give me a home, where the buffalo roam”…. tra-la-la-tra-la-la :)

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