Story So Far…

There was a friend whom I grew to like. When I say like, I meant I really, really liked him. In fact, gradually, he turned out to be the most important person in my life. How these things work, I do not know. One particularly hot summer night, as I stood in my balcony trying to cool off and thinking of a new plot to write about on this blog, my thoughts wandered. And I got thinking of him. He was away in US and I was in Delhi wondering what that strange achy feeling within me was — am I really missing him?

He and I were not close friends. But planning trips and having outings, we were nearly always around each other. We liked to spend time with each other and in his quiet ways, he showed me what a wonderful person he is. In my own garrulous ways, I guess I began to appeal to him as well. Weeks and months went by. There was this ache that developed within us. That could not be addressed by our silence. The weekends we got together were precious. The conversations we had were replayed in my head a million times before I fell asleep… only to wake up to happy thoughts about him.

A September evening. Fate had it this way: We would part ways. He would be off to US for a long time period and I would be here. This is it, I thought, conceding defeat and crying silent tears in the ladies’ room. This is it, he thought, as he drove off. A couple of hours later, in delirious bliss, we confessed to each other, our feelings — over the phone. And so began a long distance relationship. Of not having met each other for months after that. Anticipations, triumphs, tragedies, happy thoughts, sad thoughts, laughter, cheer, tears. Everything was shared over this distance and across time zones.

Months went by. It was my birthday. And never was this day this special. For the first time, we met as lovers. It was a very strange feeling. We had so much to talk about. And yet everything was already spoken. The distance and the time that we had spent that way did not matter anymore. Ten days went by in fluid harmony. Coffee dates and random meetings. And before we knew it, it was time to part again. This time it was even more harder. Thankfully, I flew out to him in four months time. That Christmas, I remember thanking God for what He has given me.

A year sped by. I had been here for months. He stayed put. We met throughout the summer and spring. We saw places all over. We made new friends. We had new problems to deal with and came out even stronger. My conviction of him being the one, grew more and more. I went home in Fall and came back to find him with new decisions. I sure was excited…

We are getting married in July 2010.
That is where we are now. Just wanted to keep you posted.




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12 responses to “Story So Far…

  1. Now I've begun to believe in fairy tales with happy endings, all over again :)
    Congrats and all the best.

  2. Congratulations! I feel happy to hear this. My best wishes.

  3. Thank you! Isn't it a happy tale of two? :)

  4. Anonymous

    Congratulations, ms.kannath!!! Happy for u 2!

  5. Thanks.. but who is this?

  6. Saj

    Congratulations Pr!tz :D

    So where is the inviation ? I can't believe you are not inviting your loyal readers for the wedding !!

  7. You are not getting an invitation, Saj :P

  8. Interesting post. This has given me a lot to think about….

    PS: congratulations on the upcoming marriage!

  9. Thank you Rahul! I made you think? :)

  10. RG

    Yep, only two things make me think: your blog and New England Journal of Medicine.

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