A Fairytale

Once upon a time, there lived a girl. She created and lived in a world of her own. It had magic and love and everything good. She grew up and got a job in a big company that had a lot of promises for her. So there she worked for a while and one day, while she sat at her desk typing mundane things, she realized she should go on a quest. To find what other things existed in this world. So off she went on her journey.

The girl travelled through paths she had never known, existed. She crossed oceans and rivers and forests and mountains. She saw sights, met people, found things. On and on she travelled. Until one day, the girl reached the mouth of a cave. She could not see what was inside, or where it led, or if it would ever end. Taking a chance, the girl entered the cave and fumbled with the darkness that engulfed her. She was afraid but she fought hard not to panic. Her myopic eyes eventually adjusted to the darkness. She walked and walked. Eventually, she found a stream. It was beautiful, she thought, as she rested. She drank the water and devoured its sweetness. Suddenly, she realized she was not alone.

An old man who almost looked like an ancient tree, sat beside her, peering into her eyes. The girl was startled, but not afraid. “What is it that you are looking for, girl?” he asked. “I am really not too sure” she replied honestly. “Ok, then I will tell you”, he offered. “You are looking for some answers to questions that your mind has still not asked you. You are chasing elusive dreams that many dreamers have chased before you, in their lifetimes.” “I don’t thinks so”, she said feeling offended. Slowly, it dawned on her that she had many questions, this girl. And the answers all just seemed too vague. She was dejected. He continued, “What is it that you want in this life? What is it that you live for and truly look forward to finally achieving?”

The girl thought hard. Her mind went back to the times that made her truly happy. When, some late nights, she would be woken from her sleep with an unexpected phone call. The times she has caught herself passing time in idle daydreams. She remembered how precious those moments were, when on Saturday afternoons, she would sit by the window listening to old songs. She yearned for meaningless conversations in the balcony. And those times when silent company was precious. There were those unexpected times when someone told her that she was loved and wanted. These are the things, the girl realized, that made her truly happy. But how could she get them and keep them forever? Aren’t these the moments that come by unexpectedly? Can these be planned? If it could be, then what was the fun? The girl was quiet for a long time.

“I don’t need anything”, the girl finally spoke. “I am happy.”

“Good. You have found your own answers”, the old man’s face wrinkled with an ancient smile.

The girl stood up, turned around, and walked back. All the way back to her empty work desk, where a colorful screen saver danced on the computer screen.

The end.


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