Then and Now

But that was a long time ago.
When a job meant covering a “story” of Sharmila Tagore cutting a shiny ribbon in IHC or Arun Shourie delivering a mundane speech at Kala Akademi.
When choir practice would end at 8 in the night and when he would wait for her across the street.
When Janpath and Coffee House were places to hide away.
When she would run barefoot. Over moist grass, just when the rains were over.
When he would travel in precarious rickety buses, standing on footboards.
When walks in the park meant tangy gol gappas and stolen light kisses.
Oversweet chai and frothy coffee.
Naps on her lap while she read and played with his ears.
Saturday winter afternoons in the feeble sun, peeling oranges.
But that was a long time ago.
When the choir practices discontinued.
Running barefoot was “eeky”.
Nachos and airconditioned multiplexes.
Office emails and ongoing projects.
Salsa lessons and BBQs.
African printed cups with steaming green tea.
Then, what is now?


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4 responses to “Then and Now

  1. Hey, first-timer here!
    Loved this poetry :)

  2. RG

    Very nicely written. Then, I used to eat 2 lb of chocolate cake right off the bat….now I got serious weight problems!

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