When we started off three years ago, I was an avid blogger typing away sitting in a quiet little room in my home in Delhi. And Kim was living with her beautiful family in USA. We exchanged a lot of mails and one liners and comments and photos. Over time, we got to know each other well enough to call ourselves good friends.

The children grew up, the summers moved on to winters, and lovers walked away. Thankfully, this friendship remained intact. Last Saturday, we finally met. I was taking pictures of the museum’s beautiful architecture, when I saw her walking – well running – towards me with the biggest smile in all of Wisconsin.

We recognized each other instantly. Gosh, she is real, I remember thinking. I hugged her girls and met her husband. Cute family. I felt right at home. We walked around the museum catching up, chatting up, taking pictures. We had a humongous dinner and parted ways. But not before promising to meet soon.

Until we meet again, let’s keep blogging.
Pictures: http://picasaweb.google.com/preethi.paul/DayWithTheHitchcocks#



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7 responses to “K!m

  1. kim

    At least you were smart enough to take part of your dinner home! I ate that whole omlet and most of the potatoes too — I’m still full.“Gosh, she is real, I remember thinking” — exactly! So odd, of course we know each other well, we’ve been talking for years, but still — to “meet” someone you already know — strange order of operations, right?I wondered, briefly, if we would have anything to say in person, but it was like we get together every weekend!–Love

  2. read the story and saw the pictures. great!

  3. Is dis the last Blog u did?

  4. soo sweet…so when will it be our turn missy..?!?! And must say I do miss the avid blogger then again times change and w it various other things…!!

  5. @Binu : Yes. Did you read the rest?
    @LeAn : I want to! When will I get cheap tix???

  6. i guess you forgot poor old blog friends when you got new ones :( :)

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