Family Photos and Yadda Yadda Yadda

The other day, I shared some photos of my family, with the people here at work. And this is what transpired…

Absolutely beautiful…..but more importantly…..are any of your brothers single, employed, independently wealthy….looking for a slightly used, overweight, 40-something with 2 boys??

Just have them email me at “”
LOL :)

Will pass on the message to the men. And the family :)

Oh K — some of those brothers are here. In Jersey.
Just thought of letting you know !
You won’t believe it……K just stormed out of the office, saying nothing more than “I have to fill up the car — I’m going to New Jersey!” Does your sister do individual counseling?? If so, I am in desperate need….:)
Lemme call up their wives. Would be good to let them know that they can expect K over for dinner :)
My sister also takes sessions of group therapy. And for “us”, I am sure she will give us a great discount!
Hooboy.. she is going to need some therapy herself, IF she gets to know how things are out here. She STILL doesn’t know about your kids!

I was WRITING a letter to mom. I want to share an excerpt with you guys:

Things that make me happy to be HERE in America:

1. M sold his babies and he is still walking around scot-free.
2. R says I can drive a Polaris 4 wheeler all over the place by fibbing that I work for a landscape company.
3. Underwear can be discussed without getting shot at.
4. I am expected to film a Bollywood video out here at my place today. But K has offered to oil me up with her exotic stuff instead :P
5. K and M have mastered Sign Language to communicate with their temporarily mute friend.
6. RABBIT TRANSIT has honored me with Rider of the Month award. Now my bus seats shall be clean :D
If you are serious about sending the excerpt, you won’t have to worry about the cost of a ticket back to India….you’re parents will pay to SAVE YOU!!
I am really enjoying my freedom w/o the kids! I just came back from a quick whirlwind trip to Bangladesh where I made a cameo appearance in the latest Bollywood music video titled “Another One Rides the Bus.” I played the bus driver that sings and dances when new American riders get on the bus for the first time. I’ve already been invited back to do another video for Beyonce’s upcoming single “Psycho Taxi Driver!!” My new life as an entertainer is so exciting — but I’ll always remember my friends! Watch for me on the Star+India and Colours channels, now available on DishNetwork.



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4 responses to “Family Photos and Yadda Yadda Yadda

  1. kim

    I don’t know when you posted on my blog “where’s my pic?”, but that is exactly what my husband asked too. It’s not my TOP ten things, it’s just some of my favorite things — no this post btw — sounds like you are having a great time.

  2. Anonymous

    Hi, P. No news… what is up? I am good. Hope you are liking it there. RP

  3. needless to say…am lost n bewildered…!! :P

  4. oh nee amerigos vespuchi aayi allae. gochu gallee. ninne njan edutholam.

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