Lunch Talks

So we were out running errands one of these days during lunch time.

Two of them went to grab a quick bite. R and I went to the Pharmacy and then stopped by at the bank. We were supposed to pick M and K from the fast food joint on our way back to work. R suddenly hatched a master plot. She called up the food joint. The guy at the counter picked up, expecting a routine order of a cold sub or a salad. But this is what he got to hear — “Hi, I am calling to let you know a news about one of your customers named. He is in there right now having lunch. I am his sister. His wife is having a baby! Can you please tell him that she is in labour and that I am coming over to drive him to the hospital?”
A hysteric counterguy did not waste any time in rushing to the floor and declaring loudly “Is there someone out here by the name of M? Well, sir, YOUR WIFE IS HAVING A BABY!!”
Now, M is a seasoned player. He has known R for years now. He knew only too well about this than to react. So he sat there eating his salad. His fellow customers were shocked at how callous he was about this whole incident, and they glared at him. One old lady even went up to him and told him what a prick he was.
“Well, I am not the bastard’s father!”
*Collective Gasp*
Mind you – M is a single man with no wife, let alone a baby :)

His face was worth a million bucks, when they got into the car. R and I were in the parking lot waiting for them, we did not dare to go inside the food joint. There were two cops sitting in the joint and having food, and they came out to the parking lot when they saw the commotion — so we fled the scene.

Do you think it is a federal offence here if you call up a food joint and tell them that one of their customers’ imaginary wife is having an imaginary baby?
I guess we would talk about this over lunch tomorrow.



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2 responses to “Lunch Talks

  1. LOL…thats funny…ppl here at my place r too serious to pull something like this on them….wud have been fun tho alrite..!!

  2. Wow! That was really funny and I liked the way you presented the whole scene. :)

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