A personal journal entry dated: 01 Feb 2006

* * *

It is all about ups and downs.
Some moments are frothy with mirth. That is really the best way I can explain that feeling. Happy songs on the radio, work doesn’t seem all that drab.
There is a whiff of a distinctive deo that reaches your nose from God-knows-where. You have a smile on your lips.
As though you have just been secretly kissed.
You are just plain happy. In a non-irritating way. In a non-interfering way.
I guess I should gauge the way I have lived life, by noting the frequency of such moments occurring.
I should be blessed. For, there are many such moments.



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3 responses to “L.I.F.E

  1. so you have found a quality indicator of your own ;)

  2. YOu are lucky !May you have many more moments such as these.When You have one, please to post. The posts ought to be as frequent as such happy moments nah !;-))

  3. Amen!!And I agree…ur posts need to me as frequent as the happy moments..!!

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