Year : 2005
Language : English
Cast : Naseeruddin Shah, Corin Nemec, Sarika, Parzan Dastur, Pearl Barsiwala
Direction : Rahul Dholakia

A hard-hitting movie, which came in the guise of a birthday gift to me, Parzania was one movie that I regretted having missed it in the theatres. One rainy day, a morning when, incidentally, I had called in sick, I stayed home and watched this movie.

The movie is based on the true story of a missing boy. A child who went missing in the Gujrat carnage. This movie centers around a Parsi family living a mediocre yet happy life in Gujrat. Then, one fine day, they are just hurled into social unrest and religious insanity that has gripped the state. The ten-year-old son, Parzan, goes missing. Cyrus, the father, goes berserk after this. He sets on a search for his missng boy.

There are many threads of many themes revolving around the main story. Gandhism, people who follow Gandhism, religion, fanaticism, scholars, messed up First World, innocence, childish fantasy lands, death…. everything. And to encompass all this into one movie, is a skill. Rahul Dholakia has succeeded in delivering the movie to his audience.

Look out for Sarika’s endearing performance. Naseeruddin Shah only competes with his own excellence. A very fine job, all in all. A must watch.


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