Those Were the Days…

When we would wait by the window for Pa to come from work..
When Tom and Jerry played in the afternoons. And when it began, we would drag our parents too.
When bro came home from school, one day, in coloured clothes. They had to change his uniform because he had done the “unspeakable”.
When Delhi meant ripe mangoes, Appu ghar, Thomas-Bobu, Cooler, Limca book of Records, and Maine Pyar Kiya songs.
When Kerala was a painful place to leave behind.
When carrying gas-masks and sealed water bottles to school was an everyday thing.
When Sam Sir was GOD for you.
When playing ‘house-house’ was the sole purpose of going back home from school…



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2 responses to “Those Were the Days…

  1. Those were the days…When Sunday mornings meant spider-man show…When going for a swim with pa and then for a walk with mum was a daily routine…When family meant two spitzes, pa, and mum… When school meant finishing classes so that you could go for Scouts and Guides meet…When summers meant coming home to granny…When life was all about attending school and being with parents…When we were all together and life was simple!

  2. Sigh*….those indeed were the days..!!

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