Proposed? Disposed!

*This is the Laughing Out Loud Blogpost!*

With the sudden influx of so many networking sites, I, like 16 million other people, have also been hit at/proposed. You come across one case, you smile. Then you come across another one, you smirk. By the time you are on the 267th proposal, you dont even know where to look, anymore.

Allow me to elucidate. I am quoting some mails I have got in my humble inbox —

Hi from the land of BPO India i am R and let me tell you got really nice hair and eyes which made me go though ur entire profile so write back u seem to be nice person to know
Business proposal!

Hi…me 2 a delhilite wld lik 2 seek friendshp then pls pls reply yaarr
This was a desperate one!

hi how r u? i m P from coimbatore. i wanna be your friend. if you accept my friendship i’ll be happy. plz reply. my e-mail id is *****

Hi Preethi
what did u do? How r u, give me ur mobile no. if interested in mobile 2 moblie chat. mine is 0000000, chat with me at yahoo messenger
I have seen ur pic & suppose u to be mentally & physically beautiful. Trust me i m there to take care of my self & my gud friend. I wud b having lots of love in my heart & respect 4 u when i meet u & accept same from u.
Making 100 friends in an year is not an achievement but making a friend for 100 year is an achievement.
Mai jyada nahi thode ki aas rakta hoon, dost ek bhale magar khaas rakta hoon.
Mentally and physically beautiful? u me and my god frend? What was that all about??

Hi Preeti,
I was so bored at office and jus thought of sendin a msg. If u like to chat plz come online. U can reach me on yahoo messenger @
Urs Always,
Productivity dipping, fraaanship tipping?

hi,u look pretty good like a female as in da profile, :) anywayz watz dat let know quite keen

preethi u smiless gud,,,am from oman, be my frnd
The inevitable gelf guy is here!

My name is R…….. AM a kerlaite, now in banglore……… Wud like to make frdshp with u……. wud u mind being my frd…….
Yes, I do mind very much!

And….this is my personal favourite —
hi Preethi…
(Am luking 4 gud frenship wid whom i can share my feelings….I need a fren..I have everything yet lonely)
A couplet …jus for u… hope u like it…
Koi ham-nafas nahi hai koi razdaan( confidante) nahi hai, faqat ek dil tha apnaa sa vo meharbaan nahi hai…..
Meri rooh ki haqeeqat mere aansuon se poocho, mera majlisi tabassum(smile) mera tarjumaan (intepretation) nahi hai…
Kis aankh ko sadaa do kis zulf ko pukaaro, badi dhuup pad rahi hai koi saayeeban(shelter) nahi hai…
Inhee pattharon pe chal kar agar aa sako to aao, mere ghar ke raaste mein koi kahkashaan( milky way) nahi hai…
Warm hugs:)
Please reply …


Life is Beautiful!



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16 responses to “Proposed? Disposed!

  1. Hey I like ur blog… u wanna make friendship with me? Just kidding… I’m so tired of all the friendship request I get on orkut… I have a “Please don’t add me if U don’t know me” in my profile.

  2. oyyyoo…….!!!!entha parayuka, allae?!!

  3. <>u look pretty good like a female<>ROTFL… Orkut is pretty entertaining, huh!Anyway, I like the way you write in your blog, especially the short fictions. And yes, I do remember you.

  4. LMAO!!!I love the “<>u look pretty good like a female<>” part :D

  5. LOL…cudnt agree more :)

  6. Jo

    hallo Preethy, yuvaar bootiful, intallijant and smaart. want franship? Iyaam god feering, good lukking, having a good and red haart and a simble mallu. if yuvaar intarastad, plees call me in my mobile becose i think god made me for you and yu made me for god. Err… I mean… you know, I mean.. whatever…

  7. I fond Jo’s comment more funny :-)

  8. My My Pritz……u have got too many guys head over heelz for u…or rather in their words ‘ hand over the foots ‘ nice blog and enjoy the many emails u will continue to get in ur inbox.

  9. you complete me… like a towel wrapping a new born baby!

  10. can i be your friendship yaar? that was a dork from q8 who used that line!!! nice post!

  11. LMAO!!!!You people!!! :DGreat to see some of my favourite oldies in here — S&J, Kenny,Roxy, Leens… Been awfully missing you guys.Jo! Look what Chunks has written! Maybe he should listen to you sing and he will also seek LOUship from you!!! :)Hi Thanu and Pranab :)Saaaam and Kaks – Muah!

  12. Hi.I just read your post and i think you are a very humorous girl.I like to tell you that I am also a humorous person.My antics(such as trying to post humorous comments)will evoke laughter in you.Even if it doesnt evoke laughter in you,I’d like to be your friend for you seem to be jovial and easy going.First time here.Dont take the above seriously.Was just trying to fit into the description of a typical despo.

  13. ah..teacher…how come u haven’t posted mine??i’m hoping to get into your list..what mine wasn’t good enough??..wink*ah..btw..i come i don’t get these??..u just lucky yaaarr…wink*

  14. Sam

    >hi,u look pretty good like a femaleThat’s…. that’s casting aspersions on your gender right there, mate. Orkut is the home of pure evil. Facebook, now that’s one unspoilt territory, though I have no idea if that’s gonna last.

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