Year: 2007
Language: Hindi
Cast: Seema Biswas, Sarala, Lisa Ray, John Abraham
Direction: Meera Nair

There are a few images that you take home, when you are finished watching this film.
There is the portrayal of a wedding, under plantain leaves, in front of the holy flame, like a smudge on a black canvas.
There is the rustling of dried red chilly, when a widowed girl-child runs past it, chasing a black mongrel.
There is the poignant and maternal Seema Biswas.
There is the budding tinderbox romance between Kalyani and Narayan…

It is certainly a heavy theme. But Meera Nair has proven that you needn’t feel sweaty at the end of a serious film. For, even though serious issues are being touched upon, even though the story is dated to a past we easily assume was so long ago, you can leave the theatre thinking about a few happy sequences. And thankfully, this isnt a sepia-smeared nostalgic take at history.

Watch out for Seema Biswas in yet another one of her sterling performances. Watch out for little Sarala. Her cherubic smile and flawless acting skills.
And above all, watch out for Water in Her various avatars.



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2 responses to “Water

  1. Hey Preethi, I think you mean Deepa Mehta here (and not Meera Nair), don’t you?
    Maybe you have seen The Namesake recently and was under it’s influence when you wrote this.

  2. Preethi

    Oh yes Pranab!!!
    Thanks a lot!! yes, you are right — I had also seen Namesake :)

    It stands corrected — DEEPA’s work. I love her more :)

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