Peck on the Cheek?

Film: Kannathil Muthamittal
Year: 2002
Language: Tamizh
Direction: Mani Ratnam
Music: AR Rahman
Starring: Keerthana, Simran, R Madhavan, Nandita Das, Prakash Raj

What happens when you have to depict a mature and serious theme through the eyes of a child? Most directors try hard, give up, and then come out with a half baked version of whatever was in their heads. Thankfully, Mani Ratnam doesn’t believe in being one of them. He simply gets down to making a multi award winner.

The movie revolves around a child who is in search of her biological mother. Her search leads her foster parents and her, to a war-torn Sri Lanka. Amid hard-hitting scenes of fanatic patriotism and conflict, she meets her firebrand mother. They finally exchange kisses, the kisses that she yearned for ever since she got to know about her mother…
The movie is named after a line from a Tamizh poem, and it roughly translated to a peck on the cheek?…

It took me just a few seconds after the movie to find out that the intense child artiste in the film is a little girl called Keerthana. She reminded me of the protagonist in Navarasa (2004). This, again is another Tamizh movie. [I should write about it sometime.]

Madhavan and Keerthana displayed matured acting skills. Simran simply surprised me. I am afraid I wouldn’t be able to comment about the dialogues, though. [I do not speak/understand tamil.] I don’t think a television channel airing this film, was a good idea. What with the commercial breaks and all!

Must watch it again.


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