Coffee, Anybody?

A lazy couch. Some lazy friends. And then there was me.
We were sitting in a coffee shop, sealed away from the busy world outside. Two of them were embroiled in a bitter battle to save their respective rooks and pawns. Another sat watching and actively commenting on each move. My patience level doesn’t allow me to concentrate on a game of chess, like hers does. I’d rather capture these moments on my camera, I thought. We waited for the fifth one to join us. He said he was on his way. The brown couch became a place of permanence. Were the shop people bothered with that? We did not know. We didn’t care to know. For, after a gap of eight years, when old acquaintances meet, the annoyance of a stranger working in a coffee shop is the last thing that would concern you!
One song after another, the radio belted out a lovely ambience. We ordered coffee. The game proceeded amid small talk. Other languid coffee drinkers ignored us. Nibbling on bitter coffee beans, I watched each of them. Age-defying as they seem to be, they had definitely cruised through eight years of life, without seeing me. I would have recognized them all, had I seen them in a crowd. I would have had things to talk about had I seen them decades later. I would be glad to spend yet another coffee-drinking evening with them, when time permits…
Rulers, we definitely rule!



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9 responses to “Coffee, Anybody?

  1. so true girl….so true…!!

  2. kim

    Those are my favorite friends — the ones that when we talk after spans of no contact — we talk as if we had been doing so all along.

  3. hey this is a nice pic…how come u didnt put this up in the grp..!?!

  4. Thanks Kim! Howr ya?The pic is there ni the group, LeAn!

  5. i must say..nice post..and pic..:)

  6. oh pinney.. but it is some stranger in the coffee shop that took the pic for you guys :P

  7. no it isnt roxy. I set the camera on auto timer…

  8. Hey chica, the picture made me nostalgic and sad that i didn’t get to visit with you Preths. You are truly a writer and have one helluva memory about our childhood. It scares me that I remember so little or maybe along the way I chose to forget things and remember other. Who knows! I miss you and want to tell you this much – write more often woman!

  9. Thanks a ton Judy!Was watching this Indian film last evening and the girl in it had astounding and playful eyes like yours. Was thinking about what u ve been upto these days :)

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