Auld Lang Syne

The Last Day of 2006.

I got hold of quite a few chances, yet I missed many. I met many of my old friends this year, while I missed many others. I welcomed brand new friends into my life, while I bade tearful goodbyes to others. I laughed a lot more than I sat down to cry, this year. I took up reading again. (That should explain why I am writing a whole lot lesser! Excuses! Excuses!) Travelling, wandering, vagabonding. I learnt many new lessons. Warier and wizened, I continue. While many sweet-nothings fade with time and tide, some messages have woven themselves into my being.

Cherish Beauty!
Live Life!

Forgive me; I am in a mood to retrospect. As clichéd as this activity may seem, I don’t think it is a bad idea at all. Especially when you have quite a few things to feel glad about.
Okay. I will gloat for a bit. I began this year with a couple of resolutions. I normally never make such resolutions because I find the whole process daunting. But the fag end of 2005 really took me to my wits. And, sitting alone in the dark, on 31st Dec 2005, made a couple of resolutions. Three of them, to be precise—A new job, visit new places, and some work on the personal faith front. I got hold of that job within three months, and got down to drawing up an itinerary for the second task. (I got to see ten brand new places.) The faith fog, well, lifted gradually.

2007, it’s your turn now.
Carpe Diem!



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4 responses to “Auld Lang Syne

  1. Happy New Year girlie..!! May this year bring u abundant blessings and fulfiled dreams…!!

  2. kim

    Happy New Year Pritz!

  3. great, my new year resolutions are still at its infacy stage and I am wondering how to plan it next….any tips ma’am :)

  4. There is a beautiful rendition of Auld Lang Syne in the movie “Driving Lessons”. Check it out when you get time – I feel you would like it – its towards the end…

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