To the Rulers

“If you do not interfere in politics, then politics will interfere in your life.”
I guess these lines by Lenin, years ago, holds true forever.

Just got to know that Saddam was executed this morning. How much ever you try to not involve yourself in politically colored thoughts, I guess a headline such as this will make some impact in our lives.
Many of us have stayed in makeshift tin shelters and taken unending bus rides to Amman. Many of us wont forget the constant threat we lived in, while growing up and going to school. The Invasion did change our lives. I am aware that what we suffered/experienced is nothing in comparision to what his people suffered.
Anyway, I know this event will leave an indelible scar in each one of you, as it did to me.

From a mail to a group of schoolbuddies, this morning.



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2 responses to “To the Rulers

  1. when u really think abut it tho if it wasnt for the invasion our lives wud have turned out so differently…we probably wud never have turned out into the person we are today….atleast I know that holds true for me….!! Well, guess this is life..!!

  2. I agree with you. Sam thought I was a mean person because I wanted to see pictures/video confirming that he was dead but he doesn’t understand what its like to have lived through the Invasion. It left an indelible mark in my life as it did in the lives of all the ex-q8ies. Yet I think we are richer and more in tune with reality having survived such an event in our lives. I’m glad an evil person got the just reward he deserved though I still feel his punishment was too short and quick. He didn’t get tortured or suffer like he did to others.

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