Love Thyself

I cherish you.I am glad I met you.

You continue doing what you are best at: Those smiles and giggles. Keep it going.

You always have the right words.

Thank you for wearing that permanently friendly smile.

Baby, I cherish you.

Try for a Pulitzer some day soon!

Feels so nice talking to you, any time, any season.

I have written a thousand words today. I wish we could meet.

You are Miss World, in MY world!

I feel damn protective about you, as though you were my kid.

You are very precious to me.

I Love You.
— Various notes. Various people. Various moments.


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10 responses to “Love Thyself

  1. kim

    I’m glad you are in the world.

  2. Nice poem! Did you write it? Belated Onam wishes. Hope you had a gr8 Onam.

  3. Thanks Suji! Its not a poem… just a compilation of a few good words I got over time…

  4. guess who

    nicely compiled Priti. Could not drop any lines before. Want to read more with time. :)for now, just guess who!

  5. Dear Guess Who… I am trying to write. But nothing decent is coming to my mind these days. Oh, hey, check out the archives if yuo wanna read more. While I keep guessing, I guess I need to keep you busy too! :P :)

  6. hey its cool poem yaariam sorry i dono who r u but iam very much impressed by ur lines.

  7. very nice yaar..original hai kya ekdum..eehh ;) very good very good..i liked it.

  8. Not exactly original :) A lot of good things that I collected in these few years.. I was looking back :)

  9. hmm…I havent said anything worth to be put up there as yet…thinking thinking thinking….ahhh nothing inspirational coming to me..!!

  10. This comment is 20 days too old but this posting is still great. Just saw your updated picture at Yahoo 360. It’s quite good. And you are a very good writer, I enjoy your musings. Waiting for your next work.

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