Dreamers, we all are.
Aching to belong,
Aching to be understood.
Dreamers, we all are.
Lying on stone-cold tiled floors,
Listening to music in the darkness.
Dreamers, we all are.
Jolted back to reality when our silent tears,
They trickle down to the floor.
Dreamers, we all are.
Tiny little islands,
Floating adrift in an ocean of muse…
Thank you, Rahul, for showing me the colors that I had failed to see.


Filed under Musings

5 responses to “Dreamers

  1. kim

    Wow!See how get to people?You set imaginations in motion along a bitter-sweet thread.Wonderful.

  2. Wow!!This is easily one of the best loooking blogs that I hv seen. Amazing template!:)

  3. Vj

    Iam glad you were able to fix the template bug. the empty space is gone and it looks impressive.It’s always a pleasure to come to your blogwonderful poemcheers,VJ

  4. Anonymous

    DREAMERS FOR LIFE…and always a *sigh* when the wildest dreams get over!Beautiful….the blog and Life!!!!SA

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