The Show

Human flesh shines and looks beautiful, if given a little limelight.
She sashayed down the ramp, one hand resting on the hip while the other dangled free. Wolf whistles and hoots apart, there was a deafening applause that your ears had to get used to. She looked exquisite. I watched her as she transformed from the regular kid into someone I don’t know. Elegance personified. Her attire chose to cling onto her frame. Everything and everyone else on the stage, dimmed into unimportance, and gradually into non-existence, as she moved closer to the frenzied crowd. Then, her gait stopped. The audience went silent. She looked at the audience. Maintained confident eye contact. She curved her luscious lips and slowly batted her heavy eyelids. She smiled. The crowd went berserk.

Five years ago.
I was sitting under the frugal shade of an almost dying tree in the college lawn. Someone called my name and I looked up. I couldn’t see the face since the sun was right behind her, making a shadow across her frame. Her hair were school-girlish-ly unkempt. She seemed like she had a long, long day. “Chasing sponsors!” she declared when I asked her what she was doing. Her closest friend and my then not-so-close classmate caught up with her and whisked her away. For a moment, they looked like sisters. Countless Union heated meetings, meaningless estrangements, unplanned bumping into each other, and later working together… Life has its way of getting back the same people into your lives over and over again. Only, the roles differ in every scene.

No wonder Shakespeare said, “Life’s a stage”. Now, all we need to do is sit back and enjoy the show, I guess. Her show was over, the hooting died down. I got up to meet her backstage, while the applause continued to rain down.



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8 responses to “The Show

  1. wow..that was so beautiful!!poetic description!!

  2. So when are u gonna come back into my life playing a diff role..?!?! Btw awesome literature and flow :)

  3. Thanks Leens! Lets see what role I will play next in your life… Crooked conniving step-mother?

  4. Vj

    I absolutely love the way you write > are you a writer, novelist , story teller. Beutiful description. I could almost see her through your vivid description .Beautiful Indeed . You’ve a way with words..

  5. pr!tz in her elements .. nice one!

  6. Saj

    Life has its way of getting back the same people into your lives over and over again. Only, the roles differ in every scene.nyahhaa I will get back to dilli as PM of India someday…then I will make sure that your pattikadu will get enough development …heheheh

  7. Its indeed a theatre of sorts. I reached here by chance. I dont regret.Nice blog.

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