McLeodganj Mornings

The deep guttural blow horns woke me up. Sounded like one of those exotic instruments Yanni uses for his outlandish concerts. I realized that there were goosebumps on my hands. COLD. Incessant rains in the night and the lack of a think mattress ensured that I had blue lips. Ok, bluish-pink, to be fair. The bass of the blow horns grew somewhere at the base of my stomach. I tossed about in bed trying to conquer my wakening senses. Found a sibling missing from the bed, while the other slept peacefully. All worries subside when I spot him in the balcony watching the settlement wake up. I joined him in the balcony gathering my mess of a hair in a scrawny clip. Together we watched Germans smiling over their German breakfasts, while Israelis conversed rapidly over theirs. A Thapa served his customers briskly and efficiently. Chinese lanterns asleep after a whole night’s duty. The rain stopped. Skies cleared. A nice day to trek to the Falls.

We would walk to the hot water springs and the falls… We would go to the monastery and the church… We will go to the Dal Lake… We will have piping hot momos… We will wear those colorful costumes and buy prayer wheels and printed mantras…



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7 responses to “McLeodganj Mornings

  1. hey pritz…u r diffrent…..valiya valia sambhavam thanne… nanni for vist my page.. anil

  2. I am still not jealous duh!

  3. so i was asking whether you went to dharamsala on the said trip since you’ve mentioned about McLeodganj. it is one of my fav destinations but i couldnt visit in my earlier journey as it was far from other routes. ya maybe some day. am fascinated by tibetan philosophy n culture..then, how does the dal lake come in this picture?

  4. Dear Roocksea,This Dal lake is very much near Dharamsala (roughly 12 km away) and it is a heavenly slightly uphill trail. The lake looks awful, but the route to it is pretty good. I am planning to do to Dharamsala at the end of this month too, for the sake of a close pal. Let’s see where all I will get lost this time.Saj,I know yuo are not ONE bit J:PAnilettan,Thank you for coming by. What ifa few words become an inspiration for yet another new tune for you? :)

  5. Hmmmmmm…..yes I must agree w saj….definitely not J a bit..!!

  6. Shivranjini Krishnamurthy

    I lived it through your words…cant wait to relive it [:D]

  7. Shiv, I cant wait to relive it with you, either…Well, what you waiting for? Get the bl**dy headcount, female!Shocking lingo, eh? :)

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