Making Up

Estrangement. Uneasy smiles. One attempts to break the ice. The scores of the ongoing game discussed. The other pitches in and remains forever helpful. Ice thaws. More topics skimmed over. “How’ve you been?” answered. Uneasy sentences begun only to be left broken, halfway through. Hands shaken. Warm hugs shared. Understanding smiles. Tears?

Begin stuck in the elevator isn’t all that bad, always.



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5 responses to “Making Up

  1. Really….then I guess I will try getting stuck in one…of course wud have been a lot easier if I wasnt on this need to burn fat so use stairs mentality..!!

  2. hello… ya… is beatiful….your blog also …. anil bs

  3. josh

    :-) Many returns!

  4. haaa tell your apartment service folks to take a look at your life ;-)ps: i got it!

  5. Leens, try the elevator on a highrise.Thank you Anilettan!Josh!!When’s our next “Metro Date”?? :-DSaj, it’s FICTION. Heard of that word?

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