Coming Soon…

And a faded photograph proved to be so powerful. Thoughts and half-baked pleas resurrect from the gut of her throat—or some place like that—when an atom of a memory satchel makes it appearance in the form of an innocuous photograph. The dull polaroid shows a medieval structure of sandstone, with early Islamic architectural residues, with miniatures of two grinning humans in focus. Where are they now? What is Life offering them? Is happiness a part of the menu? She put it away. Not for the memories it brought back. But for the sake of making this act—yet another—complete memory sachet.


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5 responses to “Coming Soon…

  1. Shivranjini Krishnamurthy

    Somebody might have bit their tongue or sneezed or got into a fit of hiccups or whatever more ma gives me for an explanation.Many more such satchels to you. :-)

  2. You bet! That was the idea ;-)

  3. Not sure about everybody’s life but header picture in ur blog is simply superb.

  4. happy birthday dear.. :)love, sarah & rocksea

  5. Vj

    you have a way with words..beautiful…..

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