When Two Atoms Met

ME: This wasn’t how I imagined myself to be when I am 25. Or maybe, it’s just that I didn’t know back then, just how young is 25 after all.
SHE: Latter
ME: What a relief!
SHE: But that doesn’t give you a lifetime to work on you dreams
ME: Point taken
SHE: What if tonight is my last?
ME: Are you happy with whatever you have done so far?
SHE: I have had no regrets this far
ME: If tonight is my last (or, GOD Forbid, yours) then I say, once more, that I Love You.
SHE: I am glad I have found the right people and the right clues and signs in their words and actions. I love you too, girl
ME: Same here. No regrets. No regrets in any of the decisions I have made. Or in the paths that I have tread. Or in the joys or sorrows I indulged in. Only, there are still so many things to be taken care of
SHE: Understandable. Heard of prioritization?
ME: It’s an illusion—once again—that things won’t move ahead without me
SHE: Oh be sure as hell…I am nothing to this world (but) a speck
ME: As the smallest speck of an Atom
SHE: But that doesn’t leave me distraught
ME: But remember, even an atom makes a difference in this universe



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3 responses to “When Two Atoms Met

  1. Everything matters…thats the beauty of life..!!

  2. Shivranjini Krishnamurthy

    To second Leens, [chorus] and nothing else matters…never cared for what they do, never cared for what they know, but I know [chorus]Signed: Atom Ant ;-)

  3. And yes !!! Happy Birthday.

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