Happiness Unbound

What is it that elicits in you a truly unbound moment of happiness?
A long forgotten song suddenly playing in your mind?
An unexpected rain shower wetting the earth and making you splash around?
Reruns of an old TV show that you watched as a child?
Funny sounds you hear when you place your ear on your mother’s belly?
Your train getting to the destination right on time?
Coffee with new friends getting to know each other?
Bumping into an old flame at the music store?
A lazy Saturday wintry afternoon with a musty old book?
A silent bus ride with a secret crush?
Your sister squealing in excitement at an amusement park?
An old friend crossing hundreds of miles to stand at your doorstep when you least expected it?

And people wonder about my tagline…
… Life’s Beautiful!



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8 responses to “Happiness Unbound

  1. -> Caveat! Bumping into *some* old flames may bring about a sense of loss, or a feeling of wistfulness, and not happiness :)

  2. Life is indeed beautiful for people who take a moment to enjoy these small things.

  3. oh no paappaan.. trust me, there are tienms when I have been glad that ‘they’ are EX-Flames now!! :-D

  4. I agree w u prtiz… :)..!! And ya life has its moments n sometimes happiness just comes rushing at u or maybe sadness too..depends on the memory that elicits it…!!

  5. Wonderful post! Very well written! You do have a way with words!

  6. Vj

    Wow..you’ve a way with wordsthanks for sharing the poem I liked the post

  7. kim

    You are blogging again and I missed it!I don’t think the gemini suns or moons are in computer these days, lol. Can’t seem to get to writing or surfing much these days, but glad I did today. Another thing to bring on a happy spurt: seeing that a favorite writer has blogged something!

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