Commercial Break

For people who know Andiji, this wouldn’t be news. The Dhanaulti Rock Fest is just a few weeks away. A well informed and enthusiastic chap gushed about the fact that Orange Street is performing. “You must let your bloggers know!” he insisted. So, I use my blog space for something that I normally dont do — write about an event that is about to happen. My space has always been reserved for satchels of past and pent up memories.

Rock fans who can take off to beautiful Dhanaulti, please do so. Watch the action and report in. The fest will be held on 02-04th June, 2006. Listen to music, unwind, lie on the grass, watch the stars, muse, and thank me! Hey, whadaya know, that’s my birthday weekend too… Visit for more details. Check out that classic picture of Andiji too.

I agree it was an awkward moment of silence in here. It was just a break. A break is essential. I took one and decided to become the wagabond that I always yearn to be. This entry comes in after returning from a short detour from insanity and monotony. Took off to a not-so-far place to meet some not-so-far people. Wrote a couple of thousand words. Travelled a couple of hundred kilometers. Recovered from a few pleasant and not-so-pleasant shocks. Life is beautiful, or is it not so?!



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4 responses to “Commercial Break

  1. it is happening, thanks for the mentiongot to my forum on the website for details at the moment my webmaster is slow, because he has a jobemail if you want ticketsseriously

  2. it is both…beautiful n not…!!

  3. Vj

    iam goin to anji . i can hit shanulti in 90 minuted from my dehradun home . well i was about to write about him in my next blog.thanks for sharing

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