Myths in the Mist

There are quite a few reasons why my India is incredible. These are a few reasons why I am still in love with her. Presenting a few shots clicked at Bhimtaal, by an extremely talented colleague.

Bhimtaal, 22 km from Nainitaal, is the largest of the area’s lakes. The lake has mythical connections — it is named after the legendary hero Bhim, one of the five Pandava brothers, of the Hindu epic, the Mahabharat. It is believed that Bhim (who was renowned for his strength) dug this lake out of the earth to quench the thirst of his four brothers and their wife, Draupadi.

I wonder if their thirst was ever quenched. I took off to the hills the night I left my job. I was probably trying to quench a thirst within me. I don’t know. Came back to madness. Went back to the hills once again, in search of my “recovery button”. I returned satiated with mountain air and with the realisation that I have no such button. That was a myth. And my thirst? Probably the mist should quench it.

My sincere thanks to for the information about Bhimtaal.
My sincere thanks to Ankur Agarwal for the lovely snapshots.

Update: I am back after a tiny break.



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16 responses to “Myths in the Mist

  1. Beautiful pics girl…and Welcome Back…you were sorely missed…!! Hope to see more from you :)

  2. Shivranjini Krishnamurthy

    <>Went back to the hills once again, in search of my “recovery button”. I returned satiated with mountain air<>After 7 years of knowing each other some commonality surfaces. ;-)Forever seeking a new ‘high’

  3. east or west, india is the best!!

  4. Vj

    i’ve been to bhimtaalInfact i belong to that state.I absolutely loved the picsthanks for sharing

  5. Liked ur blog very much. Wonderful pics of Bhimtaal! And I loved the pic u ve on ur header. :)

  6. Vj

    Thanks. iam overwhelmed

  7. That part of india is very beautiful..

  8. the photos are lovely…welcome back pritz!

  9. sony cyber shot purathedukku.waiting for ur own photos.

  10. life is beautiful isn’t it…I love your backgroundwas bit down in the dumps but I am feeling elevated after visiting your blog:)

  11. I got very much impressed by the backgrnd “Life is beautiful”.Juz cme to ur blog thru GV.Nice blog.visit mine(wil be in tunglish)

  12. I missed you Pritz. Welcome back. Your writing is uplifting as always. God bless. ~JP

  13. kim

    “…I have no such button.”Oh, but wouldn’t it be nice if you did? …sigh.Gorgeous pictures.BTW– I used to know a guy named Bhim. I always wondered where that name came from.

  14. Thanks all you guys! :)thanks a ton for missing me!!

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