Books Unjust

There are two books I know I shouldn’t have discarded. Probably, the age at which I got those books was a little too early to understand the pathos of a life in oppression or repression. One such book is “Beloved” by Toni Morrison. I believe it was nominated for Booker the year I was born, need to check on the fact. I got hold of a copy when I was fifteen. It was a little too early to understand the history and trauma of the ravaging American Civil War. The story is set in Ohio at a time when Civil War was history. But not too long ago for the wounds inflicted by the traumatic event to heal. I am not in a position to review the book, simply because I didn’t read it the way it was meant to be handled. Years later, Oprah Winfrey starred in a movie based on this book. So, this is one of the books.

The second one on my list is “Scarlet Letter” by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Or was it? I had a tattered copy of the book-I distinctly remember-with a scarlet colored cover. It was not a language that I could effortlessly understand. It challenged my 13-year-old vocabulary. I am sure it still will throw up a challenge. Probably this time, in understanding the nuances of forbidden love and the guilt that comes along with the package.

The next on the list should be Lust for Life, I guess.


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