Fare Thee Well

I am sitting amidst a lot of chaos at the moment. I am trying to pin down the chaos in the form of words. I am rambling. This is an excerpt from a mail I wrote to a few of my gems.


I can hear Hindi songs from the seventies blaring in the background. There is someone else who is playing Vivaldi and Mozart. Yet another is adjusting the volume of Beyonce’s music. I remembered Beyonce and her barely there bead-outfit.

I deleted almost everything on this computer. Old mails, favorite songs, and photographs. I wrote goodbye mails to the few friends I made. I made a mental note to call up my boss, who is on leave, tonight. I collected the relieving letter. I felt guilty of a couple of professional white lies I told this morning.

I went to the library upstairs and took in the musty odor. The librarian was missing. I left the membership card with her assistant. I took a cup of coffee and went outside. Its raining. Funny weather for March. I made a call to V. Told him a light anecdote from work. I text messaged R.
I cleared my desk. I handed over now-irrelevant data to the rest of the team. I smiled at the fake bye-byes that were told. I have prepared a draft of a fake bye-bye I will be telling them. I will shoot the mail at four-thirty. Not leaving much time for them to react and reply.

I took out all the colorful flowers and suns and moons that my niece had made for decorating my office space. I tore off the nametag on my seat, while my co-cubby looked on. She is too new to miss me. I am too old to remember her. I gave her some of the colorful stuff for keepsakes. I wished for a few of the old people to be around. Just so that I can say a REAL goodbye.


I am killing time on my last working day, in my first REAL job.
Life is Beautiful.



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16 responses to “Fare Thee Well

  1. preethi.. can imagine the last day at office you went through.. another nostalgia,,how long did you spend there?

  2. I hope that you aren’t bidding farewell to those who visit this site as well. Good luck in a new chapter of your life. Kesi

  3. hey kesi dont give such an idea to her.pritz, get some good photos from rishikesh. dying to smell it again. oh ganga! i ache for thee..

  4. Every bit of my body is aching! i am back from Rishikesh. But I wont be writig about it for a while. “Overwhelming” is such a mild term.Paappaan, I am just movig from ym job. The city will come in much later, I guess! And Kesi, as for moving from this net-space… nice thought!! Hehe…Rocksea, heard that?Will join my new job on thursday, post-diwli.

  5. Jo

    All the best to your new job.

  6. Huh…its diwali out there..??? Is holi on wed??

  7. Glad to hear that the title to your post wasnt meant for us then;-)…and that you have a new job lined up as well. Kesi

  8. I wrote post DIWALI?! I really need rest. Lol! It’s Holi tomorrow.

  9. Red

    Good byes when they are mere courtesy, or truly heartfelt, just aren’t easy eh?

  10. Psst… people.. I am still around. Just that I havent been able to find something fruitful to write about, in this space. Work is going on ok. I am ok. I think I have the block. All I have been doing these days is reading what other folks write and assimilating it.I am thinking of starting a new blog in a new place. But it aint going to look this pretty!

  11. hmm. we join to depart and its a way of life!

  12. josh

    So where have you ended up and how are you P? Let the fakes vanish and the true stay in your heart. And do remember, there’s no difference between them. Or anything. :-)

  13. do keep writing.i know how you are feeling right now cos i am feeling the same way too…i guess.enjoy life:)

  14. yo baby,, you know my male radar pinpointed your reference to beyonce by the time i read the first word on this post… sad, isnt it hahahahaa

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