Pilgrims Progress

You are free to bob up and down. You look straight ahead and you see the azure of the sky. Limbs splayed, water pressing against your eardrums, breath slower. You make a ‘Vitruvian Man’ on the water surface. You are free to feel the water rush into you as sheer white foam. You feel the cold and the warm all at once. You imagine doing a hundred million things in this state. It is a fantastic feeling. It’s a beautiful feeling. The feeling of letting go. Nothing is there to hinder your movement. You should float down Ganga at least once.

Ever so refreshed in life, but tired in body, they rested. From the serenity of the hills, they returned back to everyday insanity. Hairpin after hairpin, the vehicle twisted and writhed. At every curve, there lay an unexpected obstacle. In a slight daze, the world was just waking up to the bright morning in the hills. The vehicle was about to begin yet another ascent. A glance at the side-view mirror revealed the weary souls who were asleep. Brows creased as a result of uncomfortable sleeping positions, some slouched, some heads nodding, some fixed, while others leaned on fellow travelers like a pack of cards under a domino spell.

The radio song pried into the morning silence and the monotonous engine roar. It pierced through the white noise and woke them up, one by one. Some were persistent and continued to sleep. Others rubbed the creases on their skins, a result of crushing into limited car space and napping. Wooden flute that was apt for an oriental morning scene. No one spoke as though in reverence for the prelude…

Green. Green. Brilliant bursting green. The foliage boasted of life and fertility.
Blue. Blue. Tinges of an azure. The sky welcomed a new morn.
White. White. Foamy White. Ganga gurgled in recognition.
Tiny. Insignificant. Awed. You look at the world and sigh in pleasure.
Like a faithful pilgrim, you promise to return.
Then turn around, and walk into madness.



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20 responses to “Pilgrims Progress

  1. Anonymous

    very beautifully written main kya :)

  2. Oye, Thank u jee! It is for you and the jingbang, main kya!

  3. wont forget the sacred naked bath i had. it was so cold n fresh n i felt so nice n happy. a small egret caught a fish near by. huge round rocks on the other side.. a couple taking bath n splashing water on each other.. i can see them thru the rocks but they cant see me..

  4. Rocksea, I have read this experience of yours, on your blog. Why did you not complete that piece? I have been waiting..

  5. mmm… i shud i shud..am happy that your reminded me.i should take the sacred dip again. so who is the egret watching here? you?!!! ayyae.. che che.. enikku naanamakunnu.. :D

  6. kim

    Where is the river from you? Was it a weekend trip or a vacation?Sounds very cool.BTW– Nice new pic, I recognize it!

  7. Derphangus,This is the river Ganga I have written about. It is considered as one of the sacred rivers in India. It originates in the Himalayas and the scenerey in these points in breathtaking… I have visited the banks of Ganga more than once. the first time, however, was in 2003. This account if from those days…Rocksea: Wear swimming trunks, this time. :P

  8. Wut pic…I dont see any pics in here?!?! And pritz wutz this u going arnd watching ppl take a dip n stuff….so thats the scenary ur describing huh….tsk tsk tsk…!! Everything gone out the window :P

  9. leens.. what 2 do.. some people are like that. picture???!!! :O I didnt know she took a picture too.. my godd!! and throughout i was confident that i was alone! i shud be very careful next time hmm..

  10. Yes rocksea I recommend u better be watching ur back….some of these ppl are absolutely shameless I say :P

  11. thanks leens, will keep it in mind.quoting her own lines, “Tiny. Insignificant. Awed. You look at the world and sigh in pleasure.”see, now am reading between lines!!pritz?!!!:D

  12. My lines…?!?!? From where….yo girl wut u talking abut…!!

  13. tsk tsk tsk.. u nitwit! Roxy was quoting me. Those are my lines.

  14. the song comes to mind…confusion theerkename….enda confusion theerkaneme…!! Hehehe..anyway gotcha…the pritz at the end kind of threw me off…didnt notice the blogger display name :D

  15. wherez my comment, pritz deleted it. dushta.

  16. i dint delete any comment…

  17. “My lines…?!?!? From where….yo girl wut u talking abut…!! “am no girl youuuu… @%&$@#^&&boo bootoday i read in the news that they are coming. are they?

  18. The papers did say that Bush is coming to Delhi today. Been standing at the airport with a placard that read “Dubya” for a while now.. I think the *** lost his way. Trust Leens to send someone without the right directions! tsk! tsk!

  19. so that means ash n abhi gonna do it. allae? leens must be watching over all these things..

  20. Yea roxy….I watch over all these things….got high holdings up n above u see….!! Never underestimate me..!!And pritz….well bush…he is a hopeless case….cant be helped…!! There is only so much I can do u see..!!

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