Sometimes, I go to this place to indulge myself. Where things happen only how you want it to. Where there is that pace for the world to go by. Where everything is painted in only hues you love. Where you are running free. Wind in your hair, kissing your smile. Where there are strains of your songs floating about. Where colours mingle with each other into a heady mix. Where nothing is spoken, lest it disturbs the tranquility. Where everything is understood without making efforts. Where you can lie down on sand and let water wash over you. Where nothing ugly is retained. Where not a frown wrinkles your brows. Where fresh lime, vanilla and wet earth fills your olfactory senses. Where yellow and lilac flowers are all you see from end to end. Where your feet feel light and you soar without wings. Where nothing unpleasant ever haunts you. Where you are what beauty ever meant.

Being lost in thoughts is such a beautiful state of mind.



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14 responses to “Ramblings

  1. rakesh mawa

    reminds me of the Truman Show, way too perfect to be real. Am reading “An invitation to a beheading” by Nabokov, just in case you haven’t guessed it already!cheers (n a happy valentine day)-rakesh

  2. Thanks for the wishes Mawa! Very much wanted to name this piece “odd thoughts when Acid strikes” :PGive my love and “happy budday” wishes to Deepa..

  3. I know this place,that beach in Uttopia. na?

  4. Hmm….u mean u wanna create a place and then control everything in it huh….hmmm not a bad idea at all I must say….wud be awesome alrite…!! Anyway HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY…luv ya…!!

  5. that odd place-l aadu meykaan..njanum varatteyo — ninte koode..

  6. Lol! As I was telling Mawa… Acid. It’s LSD playing tricks! :-)Thulasi, I am trying to locate it on my map :)LeAn, Happy Vday to you and him!!RockSea – varandaaaa! pls!!

  7. do u need my GIS capabilities to locate it on the map?odd thots-le kazcha kaanan..enneyorikkal nee kondu poku..

  8. kim

    No, not LSD, it’s a real place and I’m going.This makes me want to run to my old journals and find somthing I wrote in a very similiar voice.I remember it started, “Where is this place where the water runs over you…”Mine went on to try to relay desire and was not near the beautiful peace this is — really beautiful Pritz. (Interesting wrong spelling I did there — it works too.) Think I’ll hop in the tub and go to this place you write of for a while.

  9. <>Being lost in thoughts is such a beautiful state of mind.<>I do this all the time…irrespective of whether Im working on any project or not ;)

  10. Beautiful; lovely. I see that you are from kerala. Why not blogging in malayalam?

  11. Derphangus… thanks a lot! you need to let me know about your shorn tresses soon!Arz000n… I am with ya, mate! Lol!Sreejith… Malayalam is too beautiful and deep for a person like me to handle. My vocabulary power in Malayalam is not as extensive as it is in English. I probably should video-blog in Malayalam!

  12. pritzae ninte malayalam kelkkan kothiyakunnu

  13. da jiththe,printz malayalathil ezhuthan thudangiya nite blog poottum (pritz arundhathi roy de atuththa ala ) :)

  14. kim

    I, for one, am very glad you blog in English :o). — Pictures coming soon. Let’s see if Lizzie will give me time today (right now, just sneaking in before I get Winnie off to school.)

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