Ego Trip

…. So, the ego got the better of me. I just realized that these are the ones that came out in print!



Of Rains and Pains



New Year Revelations

Coming soon, in print…

The Meeting

Must say that most of my favourites lie here, in this blog space. Wait for the book!



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9 responses to “Ego Trip

  1. print where, preethi? congrats :)letz exploit more of your potential ;)so whenz the book? the book. The Book. i rmbr the title the book somewhere. is it 1984?

  2. Yes, in print. Umm… I used to handle a youth column in a private circulation. The column was called “SpeakEasy”.Came to know that ‘The Meeting’ has come out in print, yesterday. My relatives are busy trying to establish the identity of the protagonists!Rocksea, I havent read 1984. So, I wouldnt be able to comment on The Book.

  3. hi pritz. just came to say hi.

  4. kim

    I’m confused (you know I’m kind of slow) — You wrote them for a column first? Or you wrote them here and someone put them in print?Whichever be the case — you should be in print, so it’s good that you are — makes me feel something is right in the world :o).

  5. Lol! Derphangus! U know that YOU ARENT AS DENSE AS U THINK!! What with all OUR girltalks!!! :o)Ok, this is is how it was. I USED to handle a youth column a while ago. And things went awry. So, I have been like a contributor for the magazine ever since. You know, off and on writing…Some of the stuff I wrote for the column were good enough for my blog. So I put them out here as well!

  6. how come those gals who write rubbish and says “kushboo said premarital sex is ok and whatz ur opinion” get 50-100 comments while people who write sincerely like you get few? hehe. we dont have to blame those gals (brainless of course ;) ) itz those guys! they go like male dogs smelling around female dogs.may be itz better they go that way itself, rt?chumma..

  7. Lol!! Rocksea, I am not sure if you were hurling insults at soem other girl, or if you were complimenting me! Anyways… chumma!

  8. no, no insults on anyone. just talkin and did mean to compliment you as well chicken girl!

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