Hair today…

I love poetry. But I can’t write a decent one.

Sam sir simply refused to believe that not all his students were capable of rhyming and using rhythm and making sense all at once. So, as a part of his assignment, I HAD to pen one. I was fifteen and back then, for me, the coolest way to write (or express myself) was (trying) to be funny.

Sat up all night trying to write down something. That’s when I heard Ma telling Pa about something that happened at work. So, I bit my lip and went down to work. I crippled that story into a poem. Here’s the poem Sam sir squeezed out of me…

Once upon a time, a nurse,
Found being new, a real curse.
She didn’t know Arabic one bit,
All she knew was ‘juloos’ is sit!
On the first day in her ward,
She found instructions on a card.
There came a man in funny pants,
Holding a suitcase in his hands.

There he was as big as a bear,
And a long white coat he did wear.
“Good Morning Doc, May I help thee?”
“I am new around here, you see…”

He answered with a huge big smile,
That was almost as long as one mile.
He stood there for a minute or so,
Lifeless, as a dead Dodo.

Does he speak English or Spanish?
Is he Swedish or maybe Danish?
Thinking thus, she just stood there,
Staring at the Great Big Bear.

He placed his suitcase on a stand,
And out came mirrors in his hand!
Razors, combs, and safety pins,
Wigs, scissors and powder tins!

What she saw, almost struck her,

The Bear, he was, ICU’s barber!!
[[10th Sept 1996]]
Ok, so I suck at writing poetry! Laugh all you want.


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6 responses to “Hair today…

  1. LOL….its the story itself thats funny girl but you sure have written a good poem I must say..!! I dont know how but I had managed to escape from writing any such sort of poems in school…..however, my bro cornered me when he was in high school and made me write all his poems….imagine that…hmphf*

  2. Funny?… JUVENILE is more like it!:o)While you wrote poems for your brother, I was busy making clay models of Taj Mahal and stuff for my bro!

  3. haha. i liked it,, shower more of those poems, they’re nice to read, light on mind.

  4. Really nice poem,..if ya wrote this good back then, u will write better than that nowdays..:)

  5. haha..absolutely funny today, gone tomorrow? :))

  6. Thank you Rocksea, Mallu Outlaw, Mind Curry!I am seriously not thinking of rhyming again! Had written one poem for a cousin when he graduated. He loved it while the others cringed at my attempt! :)Prose rules for me!

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