Coffee in the Cubi

Leaning forward to place the cup on the mat proved to be quite a feat. Well, it sure will be, if you have your earphones limiting the extent to which you can stretch. While I tried to resume my work, tapping my foot to Alanis Morrissette, she came over and plopped herself on the seat next to me. I pretended not to notice her. She was not to give up that easily.

Flouting workplace decorum, she sat atop my desk, cross-legged, hands propped on their elbows-on-knees-pose, piping hot coffee warming her palms. Lime-green salwar kameez that was stiff with delicate smelling starch. She wore her slightly damp hair loose, gathered in a miniscule hairclip that was looking hapless in a jungle of raw curls. Heavily kohled, dark expressive eyes. High cheekbones, and a body most men would drool over. She was a sensuous South Indian beauty, awrite.

I had to give up. I took off the earphones, refilled my cup, faced her and smiled. She directed me to look over my shoulders at the guy sitting in the workstation nearby. I saw him swaying his headphone-clad head wildly to the tune of some song nobody else could hear. I looked back to face her. We smiled over our tacit conversation.

She went back to her seat when we saw a couple of heads popping out of their cubicles…. Like prairie dogs on hind legs.



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9 responses to “Coffee in the Cubi

  1. kall me for koffe with kutie next time. i will take care of the prairie dogs.

  2. Seen an ad on that…I think there the popping heads were compared to beavers :P

  3. She lurks here somehwere, people… the protagonist, that is!:o)

  4. saj

    spare her…. I am coming!!

  5. Shivranjini Krishnamurthy

    cough cough. *choking* Pritpaw, WAAD is THEESS? well, umm…Saj, Rocksea talk to me, I am a self-defense trainer at Oracle. :-p

  6. LMAO!!Shiv: thats not how it is said.. it’s ‘Whaaaat it eeeez??’ :-DSaj: U r in the Q. Thaangal Que-ilaanu. Please Wait. *Nadanada style*Leena: Stop watching commercials and get back to work! :PRockSea: Coffee with Cutie, eh? Kollaaam Komba!

  7. rakesh mawa

    ok! that was a great start for a longer story…

  8. Shivranjini Krishnamurthy

    Pritz: SHADDAP. Pleejjj! :-pRkysh: scene 1 > *sock up your jaw* scene 2 > ::goes into hiding::

  9. Mawa: You got that right… I had started off a tale that began in the Studet’s Union office, in college… Crappy writing. This was the best segment… hence the fragmented post!Chew: LOL!! Is the spotlight too glaring??

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