Looking Back and Forth

Good Things about my 2005:
* Fierce dedication to be more regular in blogging. I did it!
* Traveled quite a bit and roughed it out. Bangalore, Valley, Kerala, and Jaipur.
* Made a lot of new friends and renewed a lot of old friendships. Managed to meet a couple of my schoolmates and some online friends.

Not so Good Things about my 2005:
* Laxity on the managing finances.
* Some friends moved out of town. Now they seem oh-so far off!
* Umm… an unwelcoming expansion of the waistline!

POA for 2006:
* Professional change
* More travel
* Work on personal faith



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6 responses to “Looking Back and Forth

  1. kim

    The blogging dedication has really paid off!

  2. Sujit

    hey good.. keeping up the resolutions.. hope things continue..

  3. Jo

    Have a wonderful and propserous New Year Pritz!

  4. you can add Section 2c in POA for 2006

  5. and know what, now you can import all blogger blogs to wordpress,, if you ever have ur own wordpress blog..

  6. Laxity on the managing finances…hmmmm…guess it runs with all of us :P

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