Grave Concerns

Having gone as far as we could, we decided to turn around. There was a tinge of regret because we couldn’t see the famous grave. Very few visitors venture beyond two kilometers into the Valley. The cobbled paths meander and fade into wilderness. The grave was somewhere in this carpet of flowers, hidden among flowers that stood as tall as us.

This was the legend:
In 1939, Joan Margaret Legge, a botanist from the Kew Botanical garden in London, was collecting floral specimens in the Valley when she fell to her death. A memorial was erected in her honour. Etched in English and Hindi into the white marble of the gravestone is a line from Psalm 121 which reads “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence commeth my help.”

We had lost our way trying to find the grave. Later on, we came to know that we were hardly 500 meters away from Margaret’s grave when we had turned to go back.



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5 responses to “Grave Concerns

  1. Sujit

    Thats bad.. not to see that you intend to see… even after being so close to the destination. But, you had been atleast to that point!!..

  2. yes yes! I am plain happy that I set my blue-toed foot in the Valley!:o)

  3. kim

    uhg! so close.This is where I would have to trust things are as they should be — or else I would go mental (or more mental, as the case may be).

  4. Lol! Kim! It happens! :)

  5. ohh! dont you have something to go there again.

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