Wild Flowers – IV

We started off early. By now, it was clear who all will be going to the Valley and who will go to the Gurudwara. Both the teams would return back to Govind Dham and yet, not wait there for long. We planned to meet down below in Govind Ghat. That meant a good 20 kilometers trek downhill for both the teams.

Over breakfast, we contemplated that the trek downhill would be much more easier than what it was like, uphill. But that was soon proven wrong. While you trek uphill, you heave and ho a lot, and the pressure is on your heart. It thumps so loudly in your ears that you can’t hear yourself talk. But the trek downhill takes a toll on your feet, if you don’t know how to minimize the pressure on your toes. Most of us step on something with our toes first. But while trekking downhill, if you learn to apply the pressure in the curve of your foot, it will ease the tension to a great extent… or else, be happy with blisters and a blue toenail.



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9 responses to “Wild Flowers – IV

  1. wow. Preethi, You’ve been to the valley of flowers! Great. I’ve trekked the route to Hemkunt. At that time I couldn’t visit the Valley of Flowers as it wasn’t the season and the paths were woven and hidden with freshly grown forest. I hope to go to the Valley once. Did you see Margarate Legge’s memorial there? She was a researcher there from Edinburgh, slipped off a rock, buried by locals there. Later a memorial stone was erected. Another story (false one) says while she was researching on a flower, she smelled it and was poisoned..I haven’t read the whole of your account. I will read it probably by this weekend as tomorrow I’m having a presentation. Keep on posting them. Let me also join your posts and trekking one day ;)Cheers,,

  2. YEs, I saw the grave. It was a little eerie. We went deep deep into the valley and finally stumbled upon it. Suddenly… all of us were silent.. and.. hey! Wait till I write about it!Keep reading, Rock-sea. :-D

  3. kim

    These are beautiful stories and pictures. When you talk about the hike though, it makes me glad you took pictures b/c that does not sound like something I would want to do in real life! …Maybe — I don’t know how hard I am willing to go for views like that — it must have been something else to actually be there.

  4. Sujit

    Nice collection of pictures and recollection sof the scenes and events that have taken place during your trek.About your previous comment “Somehow, I just cant seem to finish writing this account about the Valley… and I think I drove off most of the people who used to drop in!” Well something thats brings us happiness we continue to share till it lasts aome events lasts for very long time. Your events you are putting on the blog for yourself!! not for others. Be content..:) I read this saying.. by franklin benjamin: Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing. Just did that.. from both point of view.. have great time..

  5. kim

    Hey, nice new profile picture! Just noticed on the way in, I came via an old comment on my blog. (I know I was here once today, I compulsively check your blog — you are my rounds, I have 3 of you that I check in on often — you know you are my favorite though :o)).

  6. Thanks Sujit, Derphangus, and Jithu!Aww… Kim!

  7. hmm. here u said u saw the grave. but then u wrote u didn’t?

  8. I did not see the grave, Rock-sea. I was making up a story for ya! What I wrote in the blog entry is true… we were just ALOMST there. The trail is pretty clear after a certain point… and we were also in a hurry to get back to Dham..The next time, I am gonna see the grave :)

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