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There were four takers for the Valley.
I will give an account of this trek because I was part of it.

The Valley of Flowers is situated about three kilometers beyond Govind Dham. Reaching there isn’t the tough part. It is the trail inside the park that gets tedious. We wore light raincoats. There was a constant drizzle, but it was so light that you wouldn’t feel the droplets on you. However, after some time, these droplets would freeze into ice on your hair and face.

The tracks inside the valley were cruder. But it was lesser slippery to walk upon. There were no mules to share the trail with. So, no dug to watch out for. Once inside the national park, you wont be able to get even a bottle of packaged water. And this was one thing we weren’t carrying. All we had with us were some candies and a few biscuits.

We crossed a couple of creaky bridges made out of mossy logs. There was one major bridge, which signaled the beginning of the valley. As we continued to walk, the trail got narrower. We took a break after two hours of non-stop walking. Our team leader was ruthless. “We have to make it back in good time!” he would remind us when we asked for a break. When we rebelled, the leader had to give in and allow us to rest.
We sat on smooth, round rocks. It was misty and wet all around. We had, quite obviously, chosen the wrong day to trek out to the Valley. On clear and sunny days, you would get to see different hillocks covered with different coloured flowers. There were two graves down here in the valley. The legend about how Smythe and his wife found this place to be nothing less than heaven and how they wanted to be buried here, side by side, were already narrated and passed around, while we were at Ghat.



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  1. i mixed up between govindh dham and gangria. (getting old, i presume ;) ) so govindh dham is the location where two roads diverged in a wood.. one to valley of flowers and the other to hemkunt. i took the one most travelled.. for i kept the other for me to live on..

  2. so it was in govindh dham that i spent the cold nigt at gurudwara with the sikhs

  3. yes, it could be, Rock-sea. That place is like another centre for the Sikhs. I stayed right across a Gurudwara. Forgot the name of that place… I have clicked the hamlet… but I am yet to scan the pics.

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