~~~ * ~~~

It was around nine, but most of us were drooping with sleep heavy on our eyes. The long trek and the heavy food almost had a therapeutic effect on us. While there were blisters and cramps to be taken care of, most of us popped some analgesic and hit the bed. Mowgli’s knee was in a bad shape and he applied balm on it in wincing silence. I offered to play Florence Nightingale and tied the crepe bandage.

Lights out.
Then, some shuffling from the guys’ bed.
“What’s up?”
“Err… nothing!”
Someone shone a torch in the direction of the feeble “Err… nothing”

I toppled over with mirth when I saw Mowgli sitting up and re-doing the bandage. He said it was tied a little too tight; that he couldn’t bend his knee at all. I saw that the lower portion of his leg had turned blue, but the fellow didn’t as much as open his mouth and tell me about it.

“What if you felt bad?” A wide-eyed question.
Nobody fired me. I played nurse right till the end of the trek.


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