Odds and Ends

The sun softened as it was preparing to set and be off for the day. It was getting dark and the fog was setting in when we walked into a hamlet. We had reached Dham just in time. Govind Dham was indeed a town of its own! While some of them went in search of a good place to stay, the rest of the trekkers sat on the roadside. I settled after buying a tube of balm, fully aware that we would need this tonight. After all, the trek was just no joke for a novice.

Among the many strangers who walked past us on the road, one person stood out. I could see him walking up to where we were sitting. Wiry-haired, a constantly surprised look in his eyes, and completely geared for a long trek. He looked awfully familiar. He smiled in recognition. “S! What a surprise!” I exclaimed when realization dawned (Finally!) Well, what are the odds of that—I was talking to a guy who used to work in our office. Up, on top of the Dham I get to know that he has quit our office and joined a new firm. We exchanged more pleasantries and S was on his way. It got crazier, when, after another whole day’s travel, I met him once again, in the wilderness of the Valley of Flowers. Just what are the odds of that happening?



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2 responses to “Odds and Ends

  1. hey seems its a great experience.. away from the maddening crowd, seeking soulitude.. btw i dont knw where Govind Dham is..

  2. Govind Dham is in Uttaranchal Pradesh… Its ethereal to a certain extent.

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