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The path was cobbled and pretty much laid out, for the pilgrims who made this journey. Contrary to what I had expected, most the trekkers were not doing this journey for sightseeing or pleasure. There is a highly revered Gurudwara situated on top, much beyond Dham. As you climb uphill, if you look ahead, you would see a sea of saffron-clad, chanting pilgrims, and the occasional photographer, walking by with his Canon and tripod. This trek is open to public for a period of three months (Mid-May to Mid Aug). The rest of the year, the valley lies inaccessible, under a thick layer of snow. The Gurudwara was also open only during these months of the year. Among us, we had a set of trekkers who wanted to visit the Gurudwara, while the others were here for a glimpse of the valley. Even though our end points were different, our trek path was common for the day.


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