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I was standing on the veranda with a fellow trekker. We had jogged ahead of the others and booked this hotel room. Clean sheets, warm bed, basic sanitation and amenities. Nothing to complain about. So, we stood watching Ganga in the dark. The rush of Ganga was deafening. In fact, it got a few decibels louder as the evening skies grew darker. Just when we were running out of ideas to keep up the conversation, the jingbang joined us with a bustle of excitement and muddied luggage. We unwound for the day because we knew there was a long day ahead of us. We were staying in Govind Ghat. The next day would demand out of us, a tedious 13-kilometer trek steep uphill to Govind Dham. None of us were left unsurprised when the trek was actually completed the next day.



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2 responses to “~~~ * ~~~

  1. Jo

    Amazing pic! I envy you!!

  2. Thanks Jo! I CLICKED IT!*glee*

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