Day One

And when the dark hours before dawn give way to yet another mint-fresh sunrise, I do a feline stretch and curl again into my favoured foetal position. Through the slit of my eye, I see the yellow curtains flirting with the morning breeze. I open the window and startle a bird that was sitting on the sill. I read a few more lines from the book that was abandoned late last night.

Plants watered, room tidied, morning ablutions over, I switch on the radio. I smile as the radio jockey promises me—and many others who share my sun sign—a wonderful day. Betting on his optimistic ramblings, I step out of the house, satchel in hand, loose change in pocket and straw chappals on feet.

My first day at work.



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7 responses to “Day One

  1. Sujit

    Wow.. nice description of early morning events.. anyone can imagine the events taking place with you..:)

  2. my early day mornings are the same… I get up.. then want to go back to bed.. goes back to bed…

  3. saj

    And when the mobile alarm started ringing for the fourth time at 8.30AM I forced my muscles to open my eyes. Crap! Yesterday’s vodka!!!I rushed towards to occupy the bath room before my room mates wake up, so that I will get the privilege to wear a shirt of my choice from ‘our’ common collection. 10 Minutes, a shave and a quick bath here I go…I step out of the house, An executive bag in hand, combing the hair with the other hand and room mate’s Lee cooper shoes on feet. All set for another day with the moron manager!! An excerpt from bachelor’s diary….nyahhhaa

  4. your favorite foetal position ?

  5. I wake up all groggy and see some late nite movie featured on tv; feel around for my cell phone to see the time. 3 am! Switch off the tv and back to bed!!

  6. i enjoyed the really good prose in this post of yours.

  7. Thank you people……..!!Aww.. giving me an ego ride, aint you?:-D

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