Book of Job

Salty droplets on the Bible
An unexpected burst of tears
Was that a lie? Am I being foolish? Am I hurt?

Thoughts fly back as she sits up sleepless, like a manic artist at work
Stone wristband tossed onto the floor
Myriad changes, while she stands and watches helplessly
Blank mind
As though someone instructed her not to think anymore

Private battles
Surreal Demons
Tears shed for unknown moments
Why aren’t prayers working like it used to, during happy days?

Where’s the faith?
Where’s the promised solace?
Will HE ever know?

-Her lamentations.



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6 responses to “Book of Job

  1. And the laments go on n on n on. But yea it is true isnt it….seems like our prayers rn’t working during those down times.Book of Job is awesome…I mean that is some really deep faith…to someday reach that level of faith is my goal..!!

  2. Like I was saying… sometimes, things just spill over. I did battle on the idea whether I should publish this post or not. Faith and religion, after all, are very very initmate matters.

  3. G-d knows. Hashem always cares.

  4. Sujit

    Thats a question always posed.. what happend to the prayers?.. And by the times he comes to know the problem a new problem crops up.. and the saga continues..

  5. so true that prayers ceaze to work in tough times..

  6. I wasn’t meaning to pose that question. Actually, it just spilled out! Ramblings and lamenting need to be streamlined more — or else, I would have to change my blog title from “Life is Beautiful” to something more depressive!:o)Must Stop.

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