I Want To Write…

… Something so touching that it should get under your skin and tug at the heart…
… Something that is so unbelievably fresh and unique that it cannot be re-created ever again…
… Something so earth-shattering that you will quote me for all times to come…
… Something so surreal that it seems beautiful yet unachievable…
… Something so rightly paced and rightly timed…
… Something that is not eked out of the writer’s block I am currently suffering from!

DPT, I am borrowing your “…..”



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6 responses to “I Want To Write…

  1. and what is this somethin? :-)

  2. How about a book that goes : <>“What women <>really<> mean when they say …”<>It could be invaluable for a lot of guys scratching their heads out there ;-)

  3. LOL…really donny..something perhaps u wanna share..?? Plz no more shocking surprises..!!

  4. LMAO!Wasnt expecting comments on my ramblings, this time around. I am pretty encouraged! And hey, DDt.. thats like an age-old topic. Of course, the interest has NEVER worn down, but still. Did I tell you that they carried this feature in the same topic in Time of India – Sat, Delhi edition??LeAn – As always, waiting right beside a ticking bomb!Su! Leon! Jithu! — Hiya!

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