Five Point Somethings About Me

I have been tagged to write five random things about myself.
These are five of them…

1. I like to collect knick-knacks. It could be movie-tickets, dried flowers, satin ribbons, etc. All of them will have a story behind them. I think I have two such diaries.

2. I like to use a more than just a dash of lemon in my food, especially the canteen food!

3. I have a thing for really weird bags! Somehow, the bags I buy make many cringe.

4. I feel like a worm if I forget birthdays. Even if it is of someone I can’t really stand.

5. I maintain a diary at random times, filled with random thoughts, and yet I cant think of a nice fifth random point!

I am tagging… Shiv, Kim, Jo, Adarsh, and JP.



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13 responses to “Five Point Somethings About Me

  1. Sujit

    very much random thoughts… is there any kind of random distribution??.. just kiddin

  2. Saj

    How interesting! yawn….

  3. with u on the nick nacks and the lemon. Lots of lemon is a good thing :)

  4. Sujit,This is the most random I could get!Saj,Then why in the world didja tag me??Jo,Muhahahaha!!Karuna,is that how it is spelt — ‘nick nack’? I gotta check up. I am a little finicky about spellings!:o) Thats a sixth point about me.

  5. Nice post, pritz! And thanx for the tag. Would do it sometime in the near future!

  6. I feel the same way abt point 4.. And since I hate the word “belated”.. I have to wait one year.. grr..

  7. AM BACCCKKKKK…ok but seriously…I recommend you work on this more

  8. kim

    BTW- “derphangus” is Kim –it’s my new blogging name, from the new blog — since I zapped the old blog.

  9. Adarsh,I am waiting…Leon,You hit it right on the head!LeAn,Missed ya, gal!! Kim!Saw the new one. Saw the note to me. I am famous now!:o)

  10. Shivranjini Krishnamurthy

    I <>finally<> managed to finish this one. go check: :)

  11. Shiv!All the five points – I kew them already!:o)

  12. Shivranjini Krishnamurthy

    Aww…Crap!! Who asked you to peep into my writing skin?

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