Sibling Revelry

I couldn’t help but post this snap online. I loved this moment, even though I am looking a little taxed in it (I am the one in the blue checkered dress). Deepthi is trying to smother him with kisses! The hand you see on the left side is my Ma’s. Pradeep was a heavy kid, so the concern!

This was taken minutes after Pradeep’s first birthday party was wrapped up. We got down to opening all the gifts soon after. I remember that blue police car that we all wanted…

PS: I recently got some of the old pics scanned. I think I will just scatter some of them over this blog, over various entries…



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15 responses to “Sibling Revelry

  1. aww thast cute..the nostalgia of old pictures… i can spend aaggess with them.

  2. Thanks Karuna and JithU!:o)We three cannot sit like this on a table together anymore!:-D

  3. pinneppozha ingane chirikkan padichchath?

  4. Saj

    <>We three cannot sit like this on a table together anymore!<><>So true!!!<> nyahhhaaa

  5. Thulasi,Ee Kaalathu chirikkaanum madikkanam! Padichu poyi…Saj,Since you have seen me and my siblings, I am sure you will have no doubt!!:o)

  6. ???..???..???…..???????????? ??????????…????? ??????? ???????..????? ??????? ???????..????? “?? ?? ??” ?? ????????? ??????..!!

  7. ah! the memories of childhood, next best thing to childhood itself.

  8. Ahh Siblings:-)!!! Reminds me of my own brother and sister. Love the Pic.

  9. Interesting expression….seriously wut were u thots at the moment…??

  10. oh no no no… this is pure sibling rivalry. not revelry.. who gets to control the youngest sibling :)

  11. Revelry.. Rivalry…Either way, its stuck forever!And, Kim, I knew I would get that “Awwwwwwwww” outta you and most others!;o)

  12. vinu

    aahhh, …this one is cute….the siblings cuddled up together

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