The Morning After

It must have been close to noon. The winter sun hidden behind grey clouds and stubborn fog. I opened my eyes to realize that the place where I lay wasn’t familiar territory. The unmoving ceiling fan was of a different colour. The blanket that cocooned me was not mine. Why, even the socks I wore felt a size too small. After a moment of blankness, the events of the previous day came back to my foggy head. As I sat up in bed and wriggled out of the blanket, I thought about the late night I had spent in this room. It was a long long night. I smiled at the thought. I looked around at the dusty computer. It was still switched on after our little session of technology talks. Well, of whatever little we knew, at least. Sweaters and jackets sprawled on the stony cold floor. Shoes with laces astray. A comb. Some make up. An empty coke bottle. Remnants of wafers and chips. A songbook lay open. Half-written lyrics. The phone was off the hook, to ensure minimal disturbance. The TV still flickered on mute. I got off the bed as quietly as I could. I did not want to disturb. Switched off the TV. Wore the sweater. Tied up my hair. Tip toed to the kitchen and rummaged the refrigerator I wasn’t used to. There were some eggs. I had decided about the breakfast menu. Eggs, bread, jam or butter. Some really strong coffee. That’s how we both like it. In a few minutes time, the clattering of utensils aroused some voices from the bed. Crap. I cursed. I am way too noisy. Oye Moti, kya kar rahi hai… She enquired gently nudging me. We had our breakfast, sitting on the kitchen counter, chattering…

…I just love girly pyjama parties and stay-overs.



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11 responses to “The Morning After

  1. Saj

    I dont want to know I dont want to know !!!LMAO :D)

  2. U dont wanna know.. eh? I was making egg poach.

  3. Do you guys swap socks during girly parties (and wear them to bed too)?!?(I’ll never understand women, never)

  4. paapaan… I think it is time for some specific details.It was way too cold. So she gave me one of her FRESH pairs to wear on top of mine. Then I got into the blanket.. Men!

  5. Girl sleepovers are so much fun..<>yeh ladke log kya samjege <>. I miss those times when u stay up late talking, gigling….

  6. Thanu… You said it!:o)

  7. kim

    Where would I be without my girlfriends?Girly parties are the best.

  8. Nice…I never had any pyjama parties…how sad…but u do write real well tho…the way u describe ur surroundings n ur thots…very when is the book coming out btw…?!?!?

  9. rakesh mawa

    nice read.. the equivalent of guys night out is beer bottles/fags/Pizza boxes and it would be a slaughter if someone even mentions a “song book”! sock-swapping is new to me!

  10. Rakesh,Lol… Thats why they say… Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus!you have kept your profile pretty under the covers, eh?

  11. LOL!!! I loved this 1.BTW..U take a blanket in October?? I am sure it made the night too hot to handle for both of u ;)

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