Come September

It is the beginning of the brief autumn that Delhi gets to see. The month brings together heat and cool breeze and your body wouldn’t know whether it should perspire or feel the chill. The leaves fall. Red, brown and yellow. The days begin to shorten. Evening walks end in the dark. Nights are cool. Even coffee tastes better.
I love September.

I stood in the church lawn eager to just go back home now that the Holy Mass was over. A girl comes over and starts chatting. Before I knew it, she took me over to meet her other friends. And just like that, I got into an association that made me most of what I am, today. Countless Sundays of music, fun, friendships, growing pains, and blossoming adulthood…
I love September.

Sitting in front of the computer screen, I realised that I don’t feel the same about him anymore. I wanted to run back to college and tell my pal that. I felt my skin tingle with excitement. Delhi was drenching herself in an unexpected shower. I ran in the rain to let him know that I was in love. First love.
I love September.

Chennai Central must be always this crowded, I mused, while I scanned faces for a friend. In a few minutes time, I would be meeting my father face-to-face. He had been to hell and back, and I was not sure how we would react when we meet. Soon enough, when my friend took me to my father, I ran to him, dropped luggage on the stairs, hugged him tight, not wanting to let go. My father got a new life that month.
I love September.

Close to midnight and I stood washing the last pieces of crockery used. All the other lights were out. A neighbour stood in his balcony, smoking. The night patrol team made their presence known. It was a new house. Slowly transforming into a home for me. What was just a set of empty rooms that echoed whatever I said, had now become a furnished hearth, waiting for my parents to come home to. Next September, probably.
I love September.

And what happened this September?
The brief Delhi autumn began again. The heat and cool breeze and your body wouldn’t know whether it should perspire or feel the chill. The leaves fall. Red, brown and yellow. The days shorten. Evening walks in the dark. Cool nights. Better coffee.

I simply love September.



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20 responses to “Come September

  1. Donny

    I stub my toe on the front porch. My cat poops over my Sunday best. Violent rains flood my apartment. My boss asks me to sell ice to Eskimos. I get a new hairstyle after an encounter with a badly earthed socket.I hate September >:-( … just kidding .. *very* nice article Pritz!

  2. I’m laughing at donny…funny, funny one.Pritz — sweet. The fall brings it out. I can’t believe my favorite grove of trees is turning again, already.

  3. Blabber-blogger

    :) nicely written.. I am trying to recollect some events i may relate to September..Last month although was an eventful one. I love the first day of rains though.. Every time.. the rains.. the beautiful rain washed trees, the wet mud, the water sliding over the windshield. :) Pleasant..And ye ye.. it rained here today.. the whole day !!!

  4. Nice post. FWIW, I used to love the Delhi winters too. Except for the peanut shells, of course :-)

  5. Personally i hate september… but never had months like you… beautifully written.

  6. Donny!!Great to see you in here!! And as always, tickling all of us!!Kim!!Donny is the funnyman in our group. You should see him write..Nyneishia!Trying hard to pronounce your cool name… does it ryhme with Amnesia?Mahout!Whats FWIW? I am ignorant about many many things in thei universe… this is one of them!Karuna!Thanks for dropping by! Hate September? For me, the hate month is April.

  7. Wow.. neatly written post ;) Good going.. i’ll be back for more..

  8. Nice. I felt a cool breeze on my face after reading this post. Thanks for this post :).And for all those things you don’t know in universe visit < HREF="" REL="nofollow"><> and be enlighted.

  9. sinusoidally

    First time here. The look of your blog made me feel like I was sitting by the beach…literally!

  10. Jo

    I have to wait till November end or December to enjoy that climate. This year it doesn’t even look like it. :(

  11. Hey ‘me’! Thanks for dropping by! Keep coming…Hey Kiran!Thanks for emlightening me! Aana pappaaan makes more sense now!Hey Sinusoidally!Saw your dilli connection in your blog. loved the piece… Will drop by again.Hey Jo!There was a slight fog early this morning.. I also got a whiff of champakam. Winter’s coming soon…Hey Lyn,Thanks a ton.. :o)

  12. Lovely blog you have here !!!Now I know how you managed to get the job of an editorNice !!!

  13. Thanks… Rodent!Drop by again!

  14. Saj

    And what happened this September? Wake up !!! it was not Fog lol lol more lolthats the smoke from the sugar factory on the way!!!

  15. Saj,Nothing special happened this Sept. Even if it, I probably will think of writing about it in a couple of years time! (Why would you care?)The fog, I swear, was there. But you probably need to wake up in the morning when normal humans wake up, to see such things… Probably, I should just give you wake up calls and ask you to check the fog out. What say? You are going to regret this…:o)

  16. Ah, I remember The Fog now. I haven’t seen such foggy mornings anywhere else. There were days were one could not even see anything beyond 5 meters away. The Fog also had an oily feel to it — most probably, all that pollution that used to happen in those days. To ride a motorbike in Delhi roads during such a morning was the height of adventure.Still, Delhi winters were fun. Where else in the world will you see people eating ice cream during wintry midnights? :)

  17. Paapaan! You are back!:o)Oily fog? This is a first-timer. But probably, you are right. Are you a fauji? Where in Delhi were you? Am I being intrusive?

  18. I dont know about sept but I definitely love autumn n since oct is that time of yr out here, guess sept wudnt be my choice.And man I miss fog…I shud probably move back to LA or SF..!!

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